4 Thieves Anti-Bacterial Vinegar


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This is the stuff used during the black plague by the doctors and others who handled the diseased and dying in order to prevent transmitting the plague to themselves. Aged 6 weeks or more. Use as an antibacterial agent on counters, to wipe doorknobs, phones, childrens’ toys, etc. The smell will disappate as the product evaporates. Contains vinegar, herbs.r
Greener cleaners have the advantage of being less taxing to our earth mother, and the bodies of ourselves, our children and pets. It can be daunting to start using greener cleaners, but you don’t have to switch everything at once. Start with one product, or one room, and when you’re comfortable with that area/product, add another to it. Before long you’ll be cleaning your entire house with environmentally preferred products.r
Choice of 8, 16 or 32 oz bottle. 32oz bottle can also be ordered without trigger sprayer, so if you already have the sprayer you you can simply refill from the larger bottle.r
8oz – 6.00r
16oz – 8.00r
32oz – 13.50