Gemstone Nebula Bowl


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Gemstone Nebulas create an exquisite spance in which to hold one’s special treasures, perform as altar dishes, as well as burn votives, tealight candles, and incense cones. These Gemstone Nebula dishes are the product of over a year of experimentation by a world-renowned clay and glass artist. They are an artistic collaberation of clay, glass and natural gemstones, such as turquoise and amethyst which culminates in a breathtaking nebula effect unique to each bowl.r
Gemstone Nebulas should be treated with teh same gentle care as any other glass and clay art. Clean by wiping out with a damp cloth. Heat from candles and incense are fine. To remove melted wax from the surface place the piece under hot tap water for approx 30 seconds and then wipe using a green scrubbie. Gemstone Nebulas are not recommended for food service.