Gemstone Power Bead Bracelet


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Gemstone power bead bracelets in over 40 varieties of stone. Stock as available from the drop down menu. These are currently a clearance item. The properties of each bracelet are noted below.r
Agate-Crazy Lace: self acceptance & controlr
Agate-Green Moss: harmony & happinessr
Agate-Tree: enhancing & relaxationr
Agate-Zebra: freedomr
Amethyst: all around healing, intelligence and brain powerr
Aventurine-Blue: successr
Aventurine-Green: prosperityr
Aventurine-Red: achieving & succeedingr
Carnelian: aid on the path to spiritual enlightenment, promotes peaceful mindr
Cats Eye-Black: stealthr
Chalcedony-Orange: meditation, sending and receiving guidancer
Fluorite: meditation, sending & receiving guidancer
Hematite-Magnetic: grounding, focus, calming, meditationr
Howlite-White: meditation & concentrationr
Jade-Honey: promotes peaceful mind and enhances patience and personal virtuer
Jade-New: peace & tranquilityr
Jasper-Dalmation: releasing tension, revitalizing positive attituder
Jasper-Dragon: judgement, insight, wisdomr
Jasper-Fancy: self acceptance, strengthen mindr
Jasper-Leopardskin: tranquilityr
Jasper-Picture: grounding, relaxation and stabilityr
Jasper-Picasso: concentration, ease emotional stressr
Jasper-Rainbow: stimulate and arouse sensesr
Jasper-Red: relationships, friends, control passionr
Labradorite: energy, activity, and positive thinkingr
Lapis Lazuli: heightens hidden inner sensesr
Mother of Pearl: purity & sincerityr
Obsidian-Mahogany: balance, grounding & calmingr
Obsidian-Snowflake: purity and balance, shield against negativityr
Onyx-Black: self control in stressful situationsr
Onyx-White: perception and intuitionr
Print Stone: compassionr
Quartz-Clear: receives, activates, stores, transmits & amplifies energyr
Quartz-Rose: love & passionr
Quartz-Rutile: good luck, stabilityr
Quartz-Smoky: self esteem, overcoming depressionr
Rhodonite: self assurance & positive thinkingr
Sandstone-Gold: romance & positive attituder
Sodalite: concentration, clarity & memoryr
Tiger Eye-Blue: courage & stamina, overcoming addictionr
Tiger Eye-Gold: visualization & meditationr
Turquoise: healing & detoxr
Unakite: peace, unity & comfort