Goddess of Plenty Pendant


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The Goddess has many faces and while she appears in each woman, she also manifests in the very food we eat; in all the abundance of the Earth. The grain undergoes transformation durings its life cycle, from seed to sprout, and finally a mature plant. Through the harvest, and finally into a dried stalk. The people are fed in the process. The Goddess of Plenty is also the Goddess of Growth through the cycles of life. In one of her faces, she feeds the people’s stomachs. In another she feeds their spirits. To her they are one and the same. The Goddess of Plenty also watches over the transformation of a single grain of wheat, corn or rice. The grain grows, it is harvested, ground, baked and eaten. Along the way, it loses its individuality, but it becomes able to nourish a person. Through each grain that grows the Goddess teaches us in become one with the whole.r
Pewter on black necklace cord. approx 1-5/8 inch long x 3/8 inch wide