L.O.S.T. by Debbie Federici & Susan Vaught


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Is Brenden the Shadowalker who could save the world?r
Seventeen-year-old Brenden is happily on his way to San Diego for a short summer vacation. Stopping to use the restroom in a small town changes his life forever when everything familiar disappears and he finds himself in L.O.S.T.one of many witch villages from different times (ranging from medieval to modern) magically disconnected from the rest of the world. The golden-eyed teenage girl responsible for taking Brenden to this land of witches, hags, and sirens is Jazz, Queen of the Witches. She recognizes an inner power in Brenden that could save her people. Throughout their adventures, Jazz and Brenden share an irresistible attraction, yet they must devote their strength to defeating Nire, an ancient evil threatening both of their worlds.