On Wings of Time by Dolly Lien


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Navajo veterinarian, Raven Walker, is whirled from her modern world to a strange world of castles, dragons and imminent peril whereshe must learn to survive in a time far in the past-a time that could only be found in fantasy books. Tristan Sanct Joliets father has decreed that he must take a wife. But Tristan does not wish to wed for he is still mourning his wife. He conjures up a woman whom he knows would be impossible to find. He speaks his thoughts aloud, and suddenly the woman he has described appears before him. But is she woman or demon? Sorcerer, Marek Anwir Cymry, has made a lifelong search for the Ring of Kronos and now it has been activated. He is determined to make the ring his own and is more than willing to kill its bearer. Raven and Tristan must accept each other and learn to defeat the evil which confronts them at every turn. Most of all, they must learn the meaning of true love, which they can only find …On the Wings of Time.