Stone Heart by Candace Sams


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Druid Angus MacGregor was one of the most wretched human beings to ever walk the Scottish landscape. Village inhabitants feared him. He used his magic powers to take what he wanted and infuse terror in the hearts of every man and woman who ever heard his name. As hateful as he was, a cold night and a childs desperate tears caused him to perform one good deed. Then he was cursed and turned to stone for three hundred years, with only one chance for redemption. Karen Matthews promised her dying aunt to recite a stupid sentence at a certain Scottish graveyard on a certain date. Her aunt left her the funds to complete the task, but money wasnt an issue. Time was. Born with a heart defect, Karen doesnt expect to see many more days. When Karen lifts the curse placed on Angus, she must battle her disbelief in magic and find a way to get the huge Druid warrior to a place of safety before time runs out for both of them. Angus and Karen search for the magical Order of mythic creatures that existed three hundred years ago. Can they locate the enchanted forest before Karens heart condition takes her from this life forever? And can Angus survive the agony of losing the only woman he has ever really loved?r
Book Three in the Tales of the Order