The Given by Sharron McClellan


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From the darkness comes a ship bearing a warrior priest who will change Aria’s world in an ancient ceremony known as The Given. Aria, a Trancer, knows what’s expected of her when Talon comes to her bed, but unexpectedly, their souls bond and she becomes pregnant. Still, duty demands that Talon leave her. But when her Tower of Sisters is attacked by the wicked Reaper Lord, Mako, and their infant son is taken, Talon is her only hope. Talon abandoned his troubled past to become a Warrior. Duty demanded he abandon Aria once. He will not let it do so again. He knows the man who took their son and, despite Aria’s belief the child lives, Talon knows different. He vows that Mako will die by Talon’s sword. Now Talon and Aria travel in search of Mako-Talon for vengeance and Aria to rescue their son and keep Talon from committing murder and destroying their bond forever.