The Magick Bookshop by Kala Trobe


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In the heart of Oxford, England, sits Malynowsky’s Bookshop, the sort of place that makes people go oooh” as soon as they step into it. Its books both lure and intimidate, and the clientele come to browse in the knowledge that their needs will be met and their privacy respected. Inside, the myths re-enact themselves daily among the customers, employees, and the books themselves. r
This collection of six short stories takes you inside this little world of mystery, real magick, and moral lessons. Meet Paul Magwitch, possessed by the spirit of a young girl who compels him to buy expensive things he does not need or want; the Witch in the City, who ekes out a living reading Tarot for strangers in the park; and Eurydice, a shop employee who tragically becomes the victim of a customer’s magical attack.”