The Seeker by Sharron McClellan


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Trancer Iliana was once imprisoned by the wicked Reaper, Lord Mako. Now she is free-but only in body. Her mind and soul remain captive because she has lost her mystical gift to read the unseen currents of life that surround all living things. She would do anything to forget her haunting past and be free of the fear and anger that consume her.r
Lore, a Warrior by blood, defied tradition to help a friend. In his new position, he discovers a Iliana, damaged by the defeated Reaper Lord. But their world is not safe. A vision convinces him that she is the key to his latest assignment-to find the Orb of Dalis.r
Once every 100 seasons, the Gate of Dalis opens the world of Danu to complete annihilation or rejuvenation. Iliana and Lore embark on a quest, braving deadly trials, to seek the four talismans that are the key to finding the Orb of Dalis. But they are not alone in their quest. Medea, a Reaper and once Makos Mistress, also seeks the Orb. She would do anything to gain it-including kill all who stand in her way. The fate of the world of Danu lies in their hands