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About Us

This is Thorn Hedge!

Hello, I’m Lyssa, and Welcome to Thorn Hedge. My husband, Leland, and I are the owners and proprietors of this site. We live in a small town in Northeast Oregon. There isn’t much of a pagan community here, but this store has been a long-term dream of ours. As such, we decided to take to the internet and reach out to others, whether in small towns like ours, or part of large circles. I don’t think Leland has ever met a stranger (he’ll talk to anybody!), and while I’m a bit more reserved, we both love to meet and connect with new people.

This is our store, but we hope that it is a place that you will frequent and come to love. We are open to questions and suggestions. Let us know what you need, and we will try to make it happen. We have an eclectic background, even just between the two of us. I have training in traditional, Celtic-based Wicca, but follow a more Hellenic/Greek, Goddess-based path. Leland’s just a heathen (lol!). He’s follows a Norse/Anglo-Saxon tradition. I’m more a kitchen-witch / hedge-witch. He’s more shamanic. We sort of meet in the middle. We were handfasted/married over 20 years ago. Merry Meet!

Rachel [Lyssa] Cockman

Webmistress and Store Manager

Responsible for general behind-the-scenes hoodoo that makes stuff look good, updating the blog, posting random bits of information, and making sure there is stuff to be sold, questions are eventually answered, and bugs stay out of my piece of the web.

Leland Cockman

General Dogsbody and Minion Co-Owner

Responsible for getting things where they are supposed to be, whether that means trips to the post office, or just putting up new shelves around the house. Actually, the store is Leland’s baby, and he makes sure that it is running smoothly, and that I am doing my job. Also, he is responsible for a lot of the “Ooh, shiny! I want that.” that goes into choosing new inventory. (He really likes sharp pointy things!)