Color correspondences are very good foundational knowledge. This is starting information for Candle Magic, Chakra Work, Stones, and more. You may have a slightly different perspective on some of the colors, but this gives you a place to start exploring that. What colors are your favorite? Least favorite? Why? What do these colors traditionally represent?

That being said, these are correspondences that I am comfortable with, but are influenced by my personal beliefs and my culture in North America/the US (such as money magic being green, but is also prosperity, as it is the color of new growth).

So, I have never done much with Astrology beyond checking the moon sign for major workings, but it has interested me. I decided to do a more intense study period on Astrology to improve my familiarity. I like to focus my blocks of time on deep dives into a subject. Usually, I find the time from one full moon to the next, a good amount of time to really explore a topic. I have been doing this a lot this year, a sort of ‘back to basics’ approach to finding my mojo again and practicing regularly. I realized that distilling this information down would be a good way to reinforce my knowledge, but also provide the next seeker with a resource from which to start.

This is my breakdown of the Zodiac Signs: