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Colors and Basic Correspondences

Color correspondences are very good foundational knowledge. This is starting information for Candle Magic, Chakra Work, Stones, and more. You may have a slightly different perspective on some of the colors, but this gives you a place to start exploring that. What colors are your favorite? Least favorite? Why? What do these colors traditionally represent?

That being said, these are correspondences that I am comfortable with, but are influenced by my personal beliefs and my culture in North America/the US (such as money magic being green, but is also prosperity, as it is the color of new growth).


Love, health, willpower, passion, courage, strength, intense emotions, motivation, power, and survival.

Fire, Root Chakra.


Romance, affection, beauty, friendship, partnerships, reconciliation, children’s magic, femininity, kindness and love.


Energy, encouragement, stimulation, confidence, creativity, courage, independence, freedom, goals, positivity, strength and travel.

Sacral Chakra.


Communication, confidence, intellect, inspiration, imagination, knowledge, happiness,stimulation and travel.

Air, Solar Plexus Chakra.


Prosperity, employment, fertility, health, healing, abundance, good luck, growth, wealth, renewal, balance.

Earth, Heart Chakra.


Healing, harmony, understanding, trust, truth, wisdom, justice, peace, protection, patience, honesty, sleep, dreamwork.

Water, Throat Chakra.


Third Eye Chakra


Divination, balance, emotions, sensitivity, spirituality, wisdom, devotion, peace, idealism, enlightenment, independence, authority, power, wisdom.

Crown Chakra


Stability, home, animals, endurance, grounding, strength, concentration, material matters and protection.


Banishing and releasing negative energies, challenges, determination, protection, stability, endings, death, loss, acceptance, anger, banishing, binding, secrets.


Purifying, cleansing, balancing, illumination, innocence, purity, grounding, hope, peace, will power.

White is also thought of as an all purpose candle. White candles can generally be used to replace other colors when they are not available.


Spiritual development, psychic ability, meditation, wisdom, memory, intuition, divination, hidden potential, feminine energy.

Moon and Star Magic and The Goddess.


Abundance, fame and fortune, ambitions, money, positivity, happiness, creativity, divination, power, influence, luxury, masculine energy.

Sun Magic and The God.


Balance, good foundations, leadership, business, professional growth, financial goals, successful negotiations,  friendship, luck.

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