Let me tell you a secret. Do you know where I got most of my stones for spells, especially in the beginning? At truck stops and various places, they have these big bins of tumbled stones that you shove in little velvet bags and pay one price for the bag. Like the scientist that I am, I would peruse those bins with intent to find the perfect quartz, or perfect amethyst, or perfect agate, and then stuff my little bag as full as possible. I love doing touristy stuff, and I love to find the perfect stone.

I got my first magical name, ‘Amethysta’ because Barnes & Noble had this spinny rack of gemstones with little description cards, and I would close my eyes while my partner spun the rack around, and I would inevitably choose the amethyst because I was so drawn to it.

Stone magic can be awesome, kind of like those pet rocks for kids, except sometimes it feels like they really do respond back when you communicate with them. They can help you, comfort you, ground you. You just have to find the right stones to work with your magic.

Many of the people I know wear some sort of jewelry to protect themselves from negative energies. Some people have a Saint’s medal or other amulet. Some people wear ‘evil eye’ jewelry. My most common accessory is a beaded bracelet of snowflake obsidian that I wear as protection and to balance energy.

When it is ‘triggered’ I often feel a slight burning sensation against my wrist, as if signaling that it is energetically activated. I have been feeling that more and more lately, without being able to identify a ‘source.’ It also just, in general, feels a little ‘off.’ To me, that is a sign that it needs to be cleansed and rebalanced.