13 Basic Stones

Let me tell you a secret. Do you know where I got most of my stones for spells, especially in the beginning? At truck stops and various places, they have these big bins of tumbled stones that you shove in little velvet bags and pay one price for the bag. Like the scientist that I am, I would peruse those bins with intent to find the perfect quartz, or perfect amethyst, or perfect agate, and then stuff my little bag as full as possible. I love doing touristy stuff, and I love to find the perfect stone.

I got my first magical name, ‘Amethysta’ because Barnes & Noble had this spinny rack of gemstones with little description cards, and I would close my eyes while my partner spun the rack around, and I would inevitably choose the amethyst because I was so drawn to it.

Stone magic can be awesome, kind of like those pet rocks for kids, except sometimes it feels like they really do respond back when you communicate with them. They can help you, comfort you, ground you. You just have to find the right stones to work with your magic.

The quickest way to start learning what stones are and how they work for you is to get a couple and begin working with them. What’s it’s name (amethyst, agate, tourmaline, etc.)? What color is it (color magic has a big influence on how stones are used in magic, even if they occasionally break the rules)? How does it feel to you (hot, cold, tingly, dark, bright, jittery)? What kind of energy do you think it has? What kind of magic would you use it for?

Granted a lot of rocks and stones that don’t come from necessarily reputable shops might be imitation or dyed, you can still use quite a few of these in magic, just possibly in slightly different ways. You’ll learn to find more reputable dealers and new shinies, but in the beginning work with what you’ve got, or what you can get your hands on. Did you know, for about $20, you can get a National Geographic starter kit from Amazon?

That being said, sometimes the rocks you find in a walk around your neighborhood can be surprisingly useful. I once lived in a place where the random gravel driveway was actually full of raw (unpolished) rose quartz stones. Hag stones are likely found in your local creek. You never know what is in your neighborhood or on your travels. Look at the world with a child’s eyes once again, and you find a lot of magical things.

To get started in identifying your new treasures, you will want some sort of reference guide to physically and magically identify them. I’m old (lol), so I have and use Scott Cunningham’s books on magical properties as a ready reference, if I am stumped, or want a little more in-depth info. Google can be helpful, as long as you don’t take anything it provides as gospel. There are a lot of other choices for references out there as well.

Stone Magic By Colors

While not a definitive guide, a quick way to determine stone purposes is by relating them to color magic. (Summaries from Scott Cunningham’s – Cunningham’s Guide to Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic.)

Red – These are protective stones and work to strengthen the body and willpower. Red stones are used to promote courage, to lend energy to the body, and to provide additional power to rituals by their presence on the altar. (Root Chakra)

Pink – Sometimes thought to be ruled by Venus, pink stones are used to attract love or to strengthen love already present. They can be worn to promote self-love.

Orange – These stones are related to personal power. These are ideal in rituals for protection and expanding your awareness of your self worth. (Sacral Chakra)

Yellow – Ruled by mercury, yellow stones are good for matters involving communication. They are also protective and can be used to strengthen the mind. (Solar Plexus Chakra)

Green – Green is the color of nature, fertility and growth. They’re used for healing and balance. In America, they are the color of money and prosperity and can also be used for luck. (Heart Chakra)

Blue – Blue is a peaceful color, the color of the sky, the ocean, and twilight. They are used for calming, cooling and purfication. (Throat Chakra)

Purple – Purple and indigo stones are good for working with the subconscious mind. They are excellent stones to wear for meditation, psychic abilities and relieving depression. (Third Eye Chakra)

White / Clear – White stones are linked to the moon. They are carried for luck, protection at night and sometimes as a substitute for other colors. (Crown Chakras)

Black – Black stones are good for grounding and protection magic. These are stones for self control and resilience. I wear a snowflake obsidian bracelet to filter the energies that I come into contact with, for personal protection.

Multicolored – For most multi-colored stones, look at each of the individual colors and then combine their purposes to determine the stone’s purpose. Multi-colored fluorite (green/purple) is good for healing and strengthening mental abilities, for example.

13 Stones for Beginners

Relatively easy to find stones for a wide range of magical purposes.


Strength, healing, courage, protection.


Dreams, healing, psychic abilities, peace, happiness.


Increase perception, stimulate creativity, enhance intelligence, attract money.


Remove fear, prevent nightmares, psychic awareness.


Good for drawing illness from the body, healing and grounding.


Protective, love drawing, working out disagreements and letting go of things.


Grounding, centering and protection. Good for scrying (seeing into the darkness).


Water, Goddess magic, spirit, psychic abilities, rebalance energy. Quartz can be charged with any energy through visualization.

Red Jasper

(aka chalcedony) Used to restrain desires or instincts that could lead to trouble. Protective and defensive magic.

Rose Quartz

Stimulate and attract love, open the heart chakra, promote peace and happiness, good relationships.

Snowflake Obsidian

Grounding, centering and protection. Similar to obsidian, but with white (snowflakes) flecks within making them exceptionally protective and good for repelling negative energies.


Often confused with lapis lazuli, but with similar uses. Healing, good for overcoming stress, anger, fear and nervousness. Relax the mind, let go of guilt, good for meditation.

Tiger’s Eye

Money, courage, protection, increased energy and energy flow.

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