When I was younger, I was a very sensitive empath. It is actually what led me to find Wicca and Witchcraft. I was in my early to mid 20’s and it was the mid-90s. I am a totally intellectual air sign, who came from an abusive home, so I had trouble dealing with my own emotions. I got very overwhelmed by the people around me and those who would seek me out for help.

I used to always go to Ash Wednesday services when I was younger. Leland still lightly teases me about this, that most people are Christmas or Easter Catholics, but I never missed Ash Wednesday. The priest would bless me and draw a black ‘X’ (a cross) across my third eye (forehead) in ashes. It took me a very long time to realize what I was symbolically doing was closing my third eye. I did this over and over, through my teens and twenties. While I did briefly embrace my psychic abilities, in the early years of my practice, I have spent a lot of time pushing them away. Eventually, my abilities did become muted, and now, in my late 40s I am struggling to get back to my ease of practice from when I was younger.

These symbols can be very useful in creating spells, bindrunes and sigils. You can also use them in your journalling or other spell creation. You can even use them to study (print out the astrological signs – make sure you can recognize them, and then list some of the facts that you remember [dates, color, ruler, etc]).

This post is a work in progress, and probably always will be. It serves as an index of symbols and ideas that you can use in your magic and your book of shadows that serve as a sort of short hand that has been developed from astrology and alchemy and modern Wicca, You can use it as a starting point for your own book of shadows, and I will add to it, as I think of new sections.

So, I have never done much with Astrology beyond checking the moon sign for major workings, but it has interested me. I decided to do a more intense study period on Astrology to improve my familiarity. I like to focus my blocks of time on deep dives into a subject. Usually, I find the time from one full moon to the next, a good amount of time to really explore a topic. I have been doing this a lot this year, a sort of ‘back to basics’ approach to finding my mojo again and practicing regularly. I realized that distilling this information down would be a good way to reinforce my knowledge, but also provide the next seeker with a resource from which to start.

This is my breakdown of the Zodiac Signs: