I have bad arthritis and carpel tunnel in my hands for various reasons, including age and hypermobility syndrome. That means writing and certain crafts are more difficult for me these days. One of the ways that I have adapted and still am able to journal and keep records is by using digital products and adaptive aids.

One of my favorite ways that I have done this, in the last year, has been Goodnotes. I have a couple of different digital journal products that I use on this platform for various purposes. I even recently upgraded from Goodnotes 5 to Goodnotes 6 to take advantage of some of the changes that the software has made. Though I use it on my iPhone and iPad, Goodnotes 6 is now compatible with Windows as well, which really expands the possibilities. (My laptop is Windows, for example, if I wanted to access the app there).

However, you don’t have to spend any money at all or learn a new app, if you don’t want to. Google Docs is free, readily available and cross-compatible. You can easily organize your files, rituals, and ideas in whatever manner that works best for you. I actually like digital files and digital backups. I have lived at like 20 different addresses in the 23 years that I have been married. It is really easy to lose things between moves and storage. The stuff I tend to still have regular access to are digital files.

An Overview of the Greek Gods

I follow a Hellenic path. I am not a reconstructionist, but like many people, I have been enthralled by the Greek Gods since I learned about them in school. The Greek Gods seem relatable, I think, because they have exaggerated personalities, but they are plagued with personal flaws and negative emotions despite their immortality and superhero-like powers. They seem very human to us, but also removed because of their deity.

The Olympians

The twelve gods of Olympus are the most famous ones and were indeed at the center of the ancient Greek religion.

In my last post I addressed the idea of making your magic personal. There are those little things that you connect to that have personal meaning to you, and those are the most powerful. It could be a tool that you have, a picture or representation that resonates with you, an herb that conjures a childhood memory. These things tap directly into your emotions, your subconscious, and your direct connection to your magic.

On my altar, I have a beautiful compass. It is a lovely brass compass in a leather case. Aesthetically, it is beautiful and was a gift from my husband. Yes, it has a mundane use as a tool in determining the four directions, but it is there more for the metaphysical meanings. Inside the lid, it is engraved with “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost. It is a beautiful poem that reminds us that we have miles to go before we sleep. The compass keeps me going in the right direction, in more than one sense.

30 Study Topics For Beginner (or Any) Witch to Research

This is only an overview, and a place to get started. Let it spark your research. I often will take a moon cycle to do an in depth study of a topic (ie. chakras) and see where is takes me. No topic is in isolation. Chakras, for example, link to color magic, energy work, meditation, healing, yoga, Eastern philosophy. Maybe it will lead you to your next topic, maybe you’ll go back to the list and decide to study something else, like Tarot, next. One thing that I truly believe is that Witchcraft makes students of us all. We learn about ourselves and the world around us as we study esoteric topics.

Ok, my bad. That song makes me laugh every time I hear it, so when I had to write a post talking about working on “Self-Love,” I couldn’t help myself. I’ll pretend to be remorseful. This post is actually an intersection of topics. It is about my spiritual journey this year, the intercession of Aphrodite and some self – growth/care/love. It is about embracing the lessons of the universe as they come to you.

Cleaning Your House

The first step to cleansing your home is going to be to physically clean the house, as well as you can. Some people can keep a spotless house. Some people barely have the spoons to make it through their day. Do what you can. Sometimes, just doing one task can make you feel accomplished.  It doesn’t have to be perfect but take care of those dirty dishes and laundry. Clean your bathroom and your cat’s litter box, etc. Break up the stagnant energy and make your space healthier. Even if this is as far as you get, it is a good start.

I like to crank up the music. It gets me moving and thinking less of the act of cleaning. The vibrations of the music can also be a step in the cleansing your home. Clap, stamp, sing, dance, get the energy flowing around your space, so that it can carry out stagnant energies, and bring in the positive vibes.

Open windows and doors. You know what is and isn’t possible – perhaps you have pets or small children, maybe your allergies make the outside an enemy. The point is to get the air flowing through your space. This will freshen the air, make it less stuffy, and get the energy flowing through your space.

When I was younger, I was a very sensitive empath. It is actually what led me to find Wicca and Witchcraft. I was in my early to mid 20’s and it was the mid-90s. I am a totally intellectual air sign, who came from an abusive home, so I had trouble dealing with my own emotions. I got very overwhelmed by the people around me and those who would seek me out for help.

I used to always go to Ash Wednesday services when I was younger. Leland still lightly teases me about this, that most people are Christmas or Easter Catholics, but I never missed Ash Wednesday. The priest would bless me and draw a black ‘X’ (a cross) across my third eye (forehead) in ashes. It took me a very long time to realize what I was symbolically doing was closing my third eye. I did this over and over, through my teens and twenties. While I did briefly embrace my psychic abilities, in the early years of my practice, I have spent a lot of time pushing them away. Eventually, my abilities did become muted, and now, in my late 40s I am struggling to get back to my ease of practice from when I was younger.