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30 Study Topics For Beginner (or Any) Witch to Research

This is only an overview, and a place to get started. Let it spark your research. I often will take a moon cycle to do an in depth study of a topic (ie. chakras) and see where is takes me. No topic is in isolation. Chakras, for example, link to color magic, energy work, meditation, healing, yoga, Eastern philosophy. Maybe it will lead you to your next topic, maybe you’ll go back to the list and decide to study something else, like Tarot, next. One thing that I truly believe is that Witchcraft makes students of us all. We learn about ourselves and the world around us as we study esoteric topics.

  1. The History of Witchcraft
  2. Different Types of Witches
  3. Grounding & Centering
  4. Working with Energy
  5. Meditation
  6. Magic Circles and Wards
  7. Color Magic
  8. Number Magic
  9. Symbols & Sympathetic Magic
  10. Talismans and Sigils
  11. Types of Magic
  12. Types of Spells
  13. Tools & Supplies
  14. Altars
  15. Working with the Elements
  16. Moon Phases
  17. Sabbats
  18. Astrology
  19. Divination
  20. Tarot
  21. Runes
  22. Scrying
  23. Dowsing / Pendulum Magic
  24. Herbs
  25. Stones & Crystals
  26. Deities
  27. Witches’ Familiars
  28. Chakras
  29. Lucid Dreaming
  30. Astral Projection

What are some other topics you can think of that you would add to this list? What has been your favorite rabbit hole to fall into? Can you recommend a particular book or resource to study?

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