Other Gods and Goddesses

I do not claim to be any expert at any tradition or history, but I am offering this information, as I have found it. Feel free to comment or contribute, if this coincides with your area of interest or practice.

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Rhiannon – Enchantments, fertility, the UnderworldManawydden – A shape shifting sea god
Morrigan – Goddess of War and DeathMaeve – physical sexuality, fertility, revenge and war
Math Mathonwy – God of sorcery, magick, enchantmentLugh – Sun God
Llyr – God of sea and waterKai – A fire and smithing god. 
Grianne  – Sun GoddessGoibniu – “Great Smith”
Flidias – Woodlands and wild thingsFand and Liban – health and earthly pleasures
Epona/Mare – horse goddess and dreamsDylan – God of the Sea


Odin – All father of GodsFreya – Mother Goddess, triple aspect
Thor – storms, thunder and lighteningBalder  – “the shining God” innocence
Tyr – God of WarBragi – God of poetry and elegance
Ullr – God of the chase, runner and bowmanHeimdall – Guardian of entrance to Underworld
Loki – God of Mischief Vili
Forseti Vithar




Anubis – Watches over the dead (embalming)Hathor – Goddess of love, dance and alcohol
BastHorus – sky God
Osiris – God of the  nether worldSekmet
Isis – motherhood, healing, magicRa – Sun God





Nammu – Gave birth to Heavan and EarthNinhursag – Mother Earth, Fertility
An – God of HeavensEnki – Water and Wisdom
Ki – Goddess of EarthInanna – Love and War
Enlil – Air and Storms, Supreme RulerEreshkigal – Darkness, Gloom and Death
Utu -Sun God, Justice 


Artwork © Jonathon Earl Bowser
Artwork © Jonathon Earl Bowser

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