New Year, New Me?

So, I know the big thing for ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ is – I’m going to lose a ton of weight! I’m going to get into shape! I’m not so much looking to jump onto the bandwagon, as this just happens to be when a bunch of things intersected for me to say, “Now. Now, I’m ready.”

Several years ago (2015) I joined this awesome group on Instagram called ‘Fitgirls‘ It was full of great people to encourage each other, teach each other, and journey together, whatever our sizes, shapes or level of fitness. As you can tell, I still have fond memories. I have thought many times since then of joining another session, but things just weren’t right for me.

I am in a place where I am recovered a lot from the previous health issues I was having, but a lot of my physical stamina and energy is non-existent, even if I am at a not bad weight. I need to begin an exercise program to feel more like myself again. That is what I am hoping to do. So, one of my first steps is reaching out, both for support and to be accountable.

However this goes, I’m giving it a shot.

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