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Finding the Path

So, I recently got a wild idea and started posting some beginning wicca/witchcraft info here. I know it can be hard to find reliable beginner information that you can relate to. Personally, it is probably because of the great YouTube videos that I have been watching at work. (Check out Hearthwitch and The Witch of Wonderlust if you get a chance.) So, I hope that my writing is a voice that you can relate to as you find your own path.

Personally, I follow an eclectic Wiccan-based path, with some differences to traditional Wiccan teachings. I don’t know if anyone would be interested in me posting things regarding that (ie. Elements – I assign Air to the North, not Earth; Sabbats – I follow a Demeter/Persephone Hellenic focused Wheel of the Year), and encouragement for you to create your own practice and traditions that work for you..

Let me hear from you, if you would be interested or think this would be helpful. Hey, also let me know if you have non-traditional practices that you want to talk about.

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