A Pagan Credo

A Pagan Credo
by Sally Eaton

We worship the Great Goddess of Nature in all Her resplendent diversity. She is the Birthgiver: the origin of all life on this planet. Threefold are Her ways: Maiden, Mother, and Crone, for She is all Goddesses and all women. We honor Her everywhere: for She is everything; and in everyone: for She is all of us.

We worship the Horned One, Lord of Field and Forest. He is the wild and natural man in each of us: innocent, unfettered, and untamed. He is Lord both of Light and of Darkness: all Gods and all men. Our Lord is both Seed and Sower, Hunter and Prey; the eternal cycle of Sunlight and Shadow. We honor Him everywhere: for He is everything; and in everyone: for He is all of us.

Our Temple is a Sacred Space between the Worlds of Gods and Mortals. We worship in the Circle and in Nature: in our bodies, hearts, and minds. Our Gods are everywhere; but most of all they are within us. Therefore it is both our right and our sacred duty to discover and develop the Being within: for we may claim no greater Power than that of our own Higher Nature.

Our Goddess says: “If what you seek you do not find within yourself, you shall never find it! For behold: I have been with you from the beginning of Time and I am that which you shall embrace at the end of all your desire.”

We are a free people who dare to be Ourselves. To each of us is given the right to choose Good or Evil, Truth or Falsehood, Wisdom or Folly as our own understanding shall determine them. To each of us is given the responsibility for our choices: our thoughts, our words, and our actions.

“An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will,” is, and shall ever be, the greatest of all our Laws.

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