Why Do I Create Soap and Spa Products?

I confess. I have a serious pampering habit. [Come on, I know I’m not the only one…] An awesome, spa-like bathroom a la Candace Olson is top of my dream house must-haves. I have at least a half dozen bottles of bubble bath and an indeterminate number of lotions at all times. Also, myriad tubes of lip balm are always waiting to be discovered in purses, pockets and drawers. I think it’s an addiction.

[… Yet, I don’t really consider myself a girly-girl.]

I am a fair-skinned girl, with dark strawberry blonde/light auburn hair. This is important, because (like many with my fair coloring) it means that I have extremely sensitive skin. That means that the number of products available to feed my addiction are limited. You can never have enough beautiful, luxurious, pamper yourself products!

When I found out that that there was a solution out there that combined chemistry, art and tons of luxurious bath products, I was instantly hooked. It got even better when I realized that I can make products to help others with their own skin sensitivities or issues. I started to create natural, high quality skin care products that are gentle to the skin, and to provide fun, skin-loving products to others, so that everyone can find options that work for them.

For all that we crave luxury, when it comes to ingredients, simple is best: the best quality, most natural available. I like to keep my products as natural as possible, with as few chemicals as possible and without detergents. I use the best quality oils and butters, responsibly sourced (including sustainable palm oil). Some of my recipes may include goat’s milk, buttermilk or coconut milk. Others may include essential oils, fresh-brewed coffee or tea, dried herbs, fruit or clay. I use natural, or nature-identical compounds as my primary coloring sources. Some of my products are scented with high-quality fragrance oils. I also offer unscented products for those that are sensitive to scent.

And I get to have fun playing with caustic chemicals and pretty colors. Win !o!

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