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As I am working overnight, tonight, I finally got back into the swing of bringing in food for night shift. This generally means, that the food must be of a sufficient quantity, that if you get hungry early in your shift, you won’t also be starving at 3am, even if you don’t end of eating it all. Secondly, you need to have enough of a variety that you can have a snack on hand, if your shift is extremely busy, or you just need something different, as vending possibilities are hit or miss, or occasionally non-existent.

Today, I have a nice mixed cold cut sandwich/sub on french bread, an orange, some funyuns (for crunch), and plenty of milk for my coffee. I am in heaven.

I love food. I love cooking. I love feeding people. I often treat cooking as another craft. A coworker asked for”healthy” peanut butter cookies for a pot luck on work last Friday, so I made them. I’ve never made peanut butter cookies. I don’t like peanut butter desserts/sweets (or peanut butter and chocolate together, for those ready to call me a philistine). However, I made peanut butter cookies.

{The consensus was not bad, but not like the crisco/butter/fat-laden renditions that most people grew up with.} The recipe had 2 Tbs of butter, natural peanut butter, whole wheat flour and a reduced amount of palm/coconut sugar. It’s not that I can’t cook the old-fashioned kind, but I am an insulin-dependent diabetic, and don’t actually have much of a sweet tooth. So, if I can fool you with caramel dripping sticky buns, made with splenda brown sugar instead of the real stuff, I probably will.

I think that’s why I am currently so interested soap and spa products that look like food. I still get to make yummy desserts with no temptation to eat them 🙂 In the meantime, my husband is suffering through my determination to practice my soap piping techniques with real frosting. He assures me that he is up to the job.

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