Cleaning Your House

The first step to cleansing your home is going to be to physically clean the house, as well as you can. Some people can keep a spotless house. Some people barely have the spoons to make it through their day. Do what you can. Sometimes, just doing one task can make you feel accomplished.  It doesn’t have to be perfect but take care of those dirty dishes and laundry. Clean your bathroom and your cat’s litter box, etc. Break up the stagnant energy and make your space healthier. Even if this is as far as you get, it is a good start.

I like to crank up the music. It gets me moving and thinking less of the act of cleaning. The vibrations of the music can also be a step in the cleansing your home. Clap, stamp, sing, dance, get the energy flowing around your space, so that it can carry out stagnant energies, and bring in the positive vibes.

Open windows and doors. You know what is and isn’t possible – perhaps you have pets or small children, maybe your allergies make the outside an enemy. The point is to get the air flowing through your space. This will freshen the air, make it less stuffy, and get the energy flowing through your space.

A simple way to begin working with the elements, is to practice invoking and banishing them. You can do this one at a time, if you want to meditate on the qualities and feel of a specific element. Or, you can call all of the elements as a part of a circle casting. I use these simple invocations as a basis for the invocations that I use in ritual, because they are easy to learn, and easy to adapt for future workings and purposes.

My calls begin with Air in the North; if your traditions are different, you can easily move them around to suit your practices. You can also easily change the qualities of each element that you wish to call upon. These calls are meant to get you in the practice of calling and releasing the elements. You can next practice on adapting these basic calls to more complicated ones.

Elements Chants

Here are a bunch of our favorite elemental chants – from Reclaiming albums, Beverly Frederick, and the renowned Aleister Crowley Memorial Incantatory Campfire Choir!

​​Many of the chants listed under a particular element can also be used in other ways – Born of Water could be used for a purification, or We Are the Rising Sun for a spiral dance, etc. 


These links are to short audio files. A playlist with full versions of many of these is on the playlists page.


Ancient Mother / Robert Gass & On Wings of Magick

Second Chants / Reclaiming

Chants: Ritual Magic / Reclaiming

A Circle is Cast / Libana

or ’13 Reasons Air should be in the North’

by Mike Nichols
copyright 1989 by Mike Nichols
(fondly dedicated to Kathy Whitworth)


It all started 20 years ago. I was 16 years old then, and a recent initiate to the religion of Wicca. Like most neophytes, I was eager to begin work on my Book of Shadows, the traditional manuscript liturgical book kept by most practicing Witches. I copied down rituals, spells, recipes, poems, and tables of correspondences from every source I could lay hands on. Those generally fell into two broad categories: published works, such as the many books available on Witchcraft and magic; and unpublished works, mainly other Witches’ Books of Shadows.

Twenty years ago, most of us were “traditional” enough to copy everything by hand. (Today, photocopying and even computer modem transfers are becoming de rigueur.) Always, we were admonished to copy “every dot and comma”, making an exact transcription of the original, since any variation in the ceremony might cause major problems for the magician. Seldom, if ever, did anyone pause to consider where these rituals came from in the first place, or who composed them. Most of us, alas, did not know and did not care. It was enough just to follow the rubrics and do the rituals as prescribed.

But something brought me to an abrupt halt in my copying frenzy. I had dutifully copied rituals from different sources, and suddenly realized they contained conflicting elements. I found myself comparing the two versions, wondering which one was “right”, “correct”, “authentic”, “original”, “older”, etc. This gave rise to the more general questions about where a ritual came from in the first place. Who created it? Was it created by one person or many? Was it ever altered in transmission? If so, was it by accident or intent? Do we know? Is there ever any way to find out? How did a particular ritual get into a Coven’s Book of Shadows? From another, older, Book of Shadows? Or from a published source? If so, where did the author of the published work get it?