The Thorn Hedge

has gone Rose Red for May Day.

I have been wanting to update our site and design for a while. I’ve slowly been plugging along with my previous design, and while it worked, it didn’t quite represent what I wanted for us. I’ve been playing at this one for two days pretty much straight through, and the result makes me smile. I hope that you like it, too.

May Day is a fun time around here (when it’s not snowing in NE Oregon). Leland’s birthday is the last day of April, mine is the end of May. So, we are looking forward to vacation things and festivals and such. Our current thinking is that we will be in person at three festivals this summer. I’ll keep you updated on that front.

That is another seasonal thing, I have found. I am very hermit-y during the winter, both in person and on-line. I don’t really start coming back out of my shell and home bubble until the spring. The majority of the articles on this blog are from the spring and early summer. There are many reasons this is my favorite time of the year.

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