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Basic Numerology

Numerology is another good foundational subject. This is starting information for spellwork, tarot, and other divination. You may have a slightly different perspective on some of the numbers, but this gives you a place to start exploring that. Do you have a favorite number? Do you notice number patterns in your life – either recurring numbers or numbers that just seem ‘cool’?

While I will sometimes use numerology, for me it is an ancillary system, to be used in conjuction with other information. I notice patterns a lot, because that’s how my brain works, but primarily I use numerology to help me understand the tarot.

Most numerology has you reducing a quantity to its base number – adding its digits together over and over until you get a single digit or one of the ‘special’ numbers. Example: April 12, 2023 = 4+12+2023 → 4+1+2+2+0+2+3 → 14 → 1+4 = 5

You can also study the numerical value, via an alphanumeric system, of the letters in words and names. In English this is commonly done by progressively assigning numbers to the letters of the alphabet. Example: A=1, B=2, C=3…Y=25, Z=26.

Basic Meanings of the Numbers


Nothingness, nebulous beginnings, potential


Beginnings, opportunity, potential, creation, elemental force.


Balance, partnership, teamwork, duality.


Creativity, groups, growth, wisdom, wishes


Stability, routine, structuremanifestation


Change, adventure, instability, conflict


Harmony, communication, cooperation, inner peace


Reflection, assessment, opportunities, knowledge, hidden truths


Mastery, action, accomplishment, prosperity


Fruition, attainment, fulfilment, compassion, empathy

Ten (1 + 0)

Completion, end of a cycle, renewal

Eleven (1 + 1)

11 has twice the power of a 1 but dominated by the sensitivity and intuition of the 2. When the 11 is fully expressed, it is not just the Intuitive, it is the Confident Intuitive. 

Twenty-Two (2 + 2)

A 22 is the sensitive, intuitive two, dominated by the pragmatic 4 – hence the Master Builder.

Thirty-Three (3 + 3)

Thirty-three is a double whammy of the creative, free-spirited 3, but dominated by the loving, responsible, caring 6.

One Hundred (1+0+0)

New beginnings, fresh starts, and infinite possibilities

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