The Charge of the Dark Goddess (Hecate)

The Charge of the Dark Goddess
(Tribute to Hecate)

Author Unknown

Hear now, the words of Hecate, who comes forth from her cavern of trickling waters and baying hounds. I am the Eternal Soul, the Dark Maiden, the Mother of Night, and the Patron of Witches. Fear not my power, for I am justice, the Keeper of the Keys, and the bearer of ancient wisdom.

 I come to you during the dark of the moon, that I may lead you as your soul’s mirror. My vision spans all directions, as I walk the endless crossed roads in darkness. I  travel between the worlds, yours and mine, my children, that I may guide you through the shadows of the Underworld.

As I stand on the edge of sanity, cloaked, veiled, with glowing eyes and a blazing  torch, my appearance is intense, but you shall learn, my fearful ones, that it is I who brings you fairness and resolution. It is I who protects you, my suffered children of the Earth. It is I who heals your wounds and makes you strong. It is I, Hecate, Queen of the Underworld, who charges thee by the light of my love, and hearkens to your call in the winter when the night is still.

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