Elements Chants

Here are a bunch of our favorite elemental chants – from Reclaiming albums, Beverly Frederick, and the renowned Aleister Crowley Memorial Incantatory Campfire Choir!

​​Many of the chants listed under a particular element can also be used in other ways – Born of Water could be used for a purification, or We Are the Rising Sun for a spiral dance, etc. 


These links are to short audio files. A playlist with full versions of many of these is on the playlists page.


Ancient Mother / Robert Gass & On Wings of Magick

Second Chants / Reclaiming

Chants: Ritual Magic / Reclaiming

A Circle is Cast / Libana

The Witches’ Rune:
by Doreen Valiente and Gerald Gardner

Darksome Night and Shining Moon, East and South and West and North,
Harken to the Witches’ Rune, Here we come to call thee forth!

Earth and Water nad Air and Fire, Wand and pentacle and sword,
Work ye unto our desire, Harken ye unto our word!

Cords and censer, cup and knife, Power of the Witches’ blade,
Wake all ye unto life, Come ye as the charm is made!

Queen of heaven, Queen of hell, Horned Hunter of the night-
Lend your power iunto the spell, And work our will by magick rite!

By all the power of land and Sea, By all the might of moon or Sun-
As we do will so mote it be, Chant the spell and be it done!