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Spell Categories

So, I am a Gemini with ADHD, and as such, am the Queen of Random Thoughts. I was thinking of different spell categories and how we break them down to their bases to differentiate or compare them.

So welcome to another one of my lists.

Proposed Spell Categories


I would probably put curses and hexes in this category, too, because it isn’t magic that I work often. Also, as a dedicated introvert, especially if you have negative or baneful energy, I just want you the hell away from me.

Funnily enough, just a few minutes after I wrote this, I was watching a Youtube video by one of my favorite witches, talking about signs to tell whether or not you are cursed, and she was like – Believe it or not, most witches don’t want to spend that much time or energy on you. They just want to get on with living their best life.


Freezer Spells, Knot Magic, Poppets, Unbindings, (Handfastings – though I would put those in my Rituals/Rites of Passage section)


Blessing objects, blessing tools for ritual use, protective blessings (your house, your BOS),

Divination / Prophecy

Dream Magic, Scrying, Tarot, Runes, Astrology


Illusion and appearance magic. Influence magic.


A more specific type of blessing spell, anything involved with health (physical or psychological).

Love & Romance

Love, Passion, Sex, Romance, Marriage

Luck/Wish Magic (?)


Cleansing, Shielding, Warding, Defensive Magic


Abundance, Fertility, Money, Career

What did I forget in coming up with this list? I like that it is an even 10 categories, but I don’t want to mistakenly forget anything either! Help a girl out. How would you organize your workings into categories? Do you?

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