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We moved in to a new home (our first house) at the beginning of fall last year. As we start to really settle in, the growing pains have also set in. The house is still amazing, but now I can see the chips in the paint and the stuff that really needs to be fixed. I also want my witchcraft supplies (and everything else) out of storage and out of boxes and totally put away. I am done with just being functional and want my stuff! I also want it right here, right now, and completely organized and accessible.

So, it is no surprise, by now, I am totally a list person. I like keeping track of things, what I have, what I want, where it all is. I make lots and lots of lists to sort out my brain as much as my physical collections. I know that you totally don’t need everything on this list. You are all you really need to work magic. If you’ve also access to some water and salt, bonus! Everyone is different, and the Goddess/God/Universe doesn’t want you going broke over ‘must have’ tools.

That being said, there are definitely times where having an item on which to focus your intent and to assist your energy can be helpful in your spell work. I also have developed my habits over the last two and a half decades to what I like and what works for me. (Also, I’ll admit that I have a mix of bad habits in – “ooh, shiny” and “got to catch them all.” ADHD FTW! Don’t judge me.)

Don’t go breaking the budget for your shinies and tools, though. The Dollar Tree (and other bargain stores) are a good, inexpensive source of candles. You can also find some decorative items there. Many a witches’ first chalice is a fancy wine glass from one of these stores. You can check out yard sales and your local rummage/resale shop. (I just bought a leafy bowl for a money spell, and some pretty candle holders in one.) Just remember to cleanse any used items well.

Also, remember we have a shop for witchy items attached to this site! If you talk to me, and ask politely, I might drop a coupon your way.

Disclaimers over – here’s my list of suggested stuffs.

Suggested Witchcraft Supplies List

Working Supplies





Paper Scraps

Altar Tools







God/Goddess Representation


Incense Burner / Holder




Spell/Chime Candles

Chime Candle Holders

Jar Candles

Pillar Candles

Pillar Candle Holders



Pendulum Board

Spirit Board


(All of the) Tarot

Essential Oils



Smudge Sticks

Mortar & Pestle


Base Oils for Infusions

Almond oil

Avocado oil

Coconut oil

Olive oil

Rice Bran oil

Safflower oil

Sunflower oil


What have I missed? What would you add that is important to you? Categories? Items?

Do you think of things like this and make a lot of lists too? I am totally addicted to organizing things, and organizing supplies. Shout out. I’d love to hear other people (coping mechanisms) tips and tricks to keeping their sh!t together.

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