by H.Ps. Phyllis W. Curott, J.D.

President Emerita, Covenant of the Goddess (COG). COG is one of the largest and oldest Wiccan religious organizations, with members in North America, Europe and Australia.

– Taken from A SourceBook for Earth’s Community of Religions

Wicca is a vital, contemporary spiritual path reviving the ancient, pre-Christian indigenous religion of Europe. It is a life-affirming Earth religion which is both old and new, “traditional,” and vibrantly creative. Wiccans experience the Divine as immanent, as embodied in the Universe, the world in all its aspects and in humanity, as well as transcendent. Therefore all of life is perceived as sacred and interconnected. Modern Wicca incorporates ancient and modern liturgy, ritual and shamanic practices by which people attune themselves to the natural rhythms of the Earth and the Universe, enabling them to experience communion with the embodied Divine. Wiccans honor nature as a profound spiritual teacher and devote themselves to the contemplation and integration of the spiritual wisdom inherent in the Earth’s cycles of seasonal transformation.