Dreams: Working Interactive


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By Stephanie Clement, Terry Lee Rosen

Even if you don’t always remember them, you have dreams every night. Sometimes the dreams are vivid and easy to recollect. Sometimes all you remember are hazy feelings and colors.

Did you know that virtually everything in your dreams is a symbol? These symbols, bubbling up from your subconscious, have meanings that could be psychological, spiritual, or connected to the waking world.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could know the meanings of the symbols in your dreams? What knowledge might you uncover? What truths might you learn? Now you can find the answers to your questions with a complete system of dream interpretation, Dreams: Working Interactive by Stephanie Jean Clement and Terry Rosen.

This system includes two parts. The first is a book that clearly explains the nature of dreams and the different types of dreams you might experience. The reason almost everything in dreams is symbolic is because symbols are the language of the subconscious. This book explains how to interpret those symbols so they make sense. It includes a dream dictionary with in-depth definitions for hundreds of symbols.

But how do you keep track of all the symbols and all of your dreams? Sure, you could write it all down and constantly look backward and forward in a book, but that is time consuming. Included with this complete system is software made to run on Microsoft Windows-based computers. This software will not only allow you to record your dreams (a dream diary), it will also ask questions and make suggestions that will help you to identify and interpret the symbols. The software will also let you add your own interpretations to its large collection of meanings. This way, as you change and evolve, the software will keep up with your needs.

For recording and interpreting your dreams (and the dreams of others), this system is the best method around.


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