Moon Candles – 10oz

Custom Hand Poured Soy Beeswax Candles.

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Roughly every two and a half years, a 13th full moon is seen, a blue moon, because the cycles of the Moon roughly take 29.5 days to complete, meaning 354 days total for 12 full cycles. This falls short of the 365/366 days in a calendar year. We have created our signature gemstone candles for each of the 13 moons of the year. Use them in ritual, for meditation, or even just to scent your house. These moon candles have stones embedded (appropriate to the individual purpose). Gemstones are revealed for you to remove as the candle burns down. (Extinguish flame before attempting to remove.)

We use the best quality ingredients & have tried and tested recipes for our candles that we’ve been creating for over 20 years now, and plenty of TLC goes into each one! Hand made to your order with focused energy.

Choose one of our 13 moon variations:

  • Hearth Moon (Cleansing and Centering) with Red Jasper
  • Dreaming Moon (Relaxation, Peaceful Sleep, Dreams) with Amethyst
  • Self Care Moon (Comfort, Protection, Release) with Quartz
  • Healing Moon (Recovery, Vitality, Health) with Rose Quartz
  • Flowering Moon (Happiness, Pleasure, Romance with Unakite
  • Birthing Moon (Curiosity, Motivation, Creativity) with Yellow Agate/Calcite
  • Storm Moon (Cleanse, Renew, Refresh) with Sodalite
  • Harvest Moon (Success, Accomplishment, Prosperity) with Tiger’s Eye
  • Abundance Moon (Prosperity, Abundance, Blessings) with Carnelian
  • Shadow Moon (Awareness, Intuition, Balance) with Obsidian
  • Gratitude Moon (Introspection, Hope, Blessings) with Red Goldstone
  • Peace Moon (Peace, Protection, Stability) with Turquoise
  • Blue Moon – Wishing Moon with Opal

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Peace Moon, Hearth Moon, Dream Moon, Healing Moon, Prosperity Moon, Flowering Moon, Storm Moon, Harvest Moon, Abundance Moon, Shadow Moon, Self-Care Moon, Gratitude Moon, Wishing Moon, Surprise Me


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