Infinite Tarot


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by Jolynn Kottke, Rachel Ritter

While titled a tarot deck, it really isn’t one. The Infinite Tarot is an oracle inspired, according the artist Rachel Ritter, by impressions of elemental energy and images conceived during a moment of self-reflection.

The Infinite Tarot only has 76 cards and no major arcana, instead having four suits of 19 cards named Earth, Sky, Water and Fire. The deck has a high ace card and a one card in each suit, and includes a joker and gift card, as well as the more usual king, queen and number cards.

The Infinite Tarot was independently published in the US. It is noticeable when handling the cards that they are less glossy than typical decks from the major publishers. (But as an advantage, they don’t slide all over the table).

Out of Print, Box shows wear, especially on edges.


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