The Incidental Tarot


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by Holly DeFount

The Incidental Tarot By Holly DeFount is an original art Tarot deck, full of gorgeous, esoteric images. Though based upon traditional wisdom, this deck reinterprets some key elements of Tarot imagery, using Arrows for the suit of Wands, Roses for the suit of Cups, Quills for the suit of Swords and Oaks for the suit of Pentacles. Also, several of the Major Arcana cards have been reinterpreted, such as “Gryphon” in place of Strength, and “Phoenix” in place of the Tower.
The artwork of the Incidental Tarot has been widely praised and has attracted an enthusiastic audience of Tarot-philes in the year since it was first conceived and its publishing in February 2012.

Out of Print, Signed Deck.


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