The Rune Vision Cards


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by Sylvia Gainsford

From “Fehu” to “Dagaz,” every letter of the ancient Runic alphabet is charged with mystical meaning and magical associations. 2,000 yeas ago, they solicited the influence of the Norse gods and goddesses. Now you can do the same, by using these 25 beautiful and evocative cards, illustrated by an internationally acclaimed artist. They will become a source of inspiration. To tap into the power, begin by looking into the guide that explains the cards’ symbolism and how to interpret their oracular meaning. You’ll see how to work with them in simple spreads and learn how they reveal the truth about important matters from the past, issues that concern you know, and questions that will affect your future. Consult the runic cards for pleasure and profit, to gain insight and guidance, and to uncover the divine patterns shaping your life and the lives of those around you.

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