Simple Cleansing of Protective Jewelry

Many of the people I know wear some sort of jewelry to protect themselves from negative energies. Some people have a Saint’s medal or other amulet. Some people wear ‘evil eye’ jewelry. My most common accessory is a beaded bracelet of snowflake obsidian that I wear as protection and to balance energy.

When it is ‘triggered’ I often feel a slight burning sensation against my wrist, as if signaling that it is energetically activated. I have been feeling that more and more lately, without being able to identify a ‘source.’ It also just, in general, feels a little ‘off.’ To me, that is a sign that it needs to be cleansed and rebalanced.

I chose a very simple cleansing this time as a first step. I can use increasingly energetic techniques, if necessary, but I don’t like being without my bracelet and want it back on my wrist before work tomorrow. It is one of the simplest, yet most effective, charms I have ever worn, and is discreet enough to be worn without questions. So, I took into mind the composition of my bracelet, its purpose, and the options available to me to choose the best method to begin energetically cleansing it.

My bracelet is currently in an open jar on my altar, buried within black salt. I have white sage incense burning directly next to it. Like I said, simple, yet incredibly effective. I got the sage incense from Amazon in a large multi-pack and the large jar of black salt from a discount store for $3. Table salt with or without your choice of incense is also a valid choice.

Two important points about my bracelet: it is snowflake obsidian with one pearl and two tiny silver beads, so I don’t want to submerge it in any water, and I am not trying to ‘charge’ it, so much as cleanse it and dedicate it to a purpose. I want it to absorb and balance energies. It can’t really do that if it is full of my own energy, which I think is part of the current issue, as I have been doing more high energy workings recently. (I have worn this bracelet with only simple cleansings for like 15 months straight now. It is overdue for a deep cleanse.)

Moon water or salt water could otherwise be a good tool for cleansing. You can dip or sprinkle jewelry that you don’t want to submerge, just rinse and dry it completely, after. I sometimes use the flow of my shower or soaking in the tub (with bath salts) as little mini cleansings (of me and my accessories). I picture the water carrying away the excess/negative energy.

Some people charge their protection jewelry under the full moon. Some put it with cleansing stone companions like quartz or selenite. Others will smudge or anoint their jewelry as part of ritual. The practices will vary by practitioner and by the jewelry’s composition or purpose.

Do you wear protection jewelry that has been quite effective for you? What kind? How to you keep it cleansed, balanced, active?

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